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Hey Alonimers! Welcome to the Camp Alonim Alumni Page! The mission of the Alonim Alumni Page is to keep all alumni connected--no matter how long ago they went to camp or how far they are now--to the camp, the property, and to each other.

For over 50 years, Camp Alonim has been a home to thousands of Jewish children and young adults. Camp Alonim might have expanded in the variety of programming and activities we offer, but what has remained constant is the loving, supportive camp community, staying true to Shlomo Bardin’s vision of “to touch and to teach.” At its core, Alonim is the place you remember: hanging out during free time in the afternoons, cheering in the Dining Hall during lunch, lining up at the head cottages all in white before services, dancing until your feet fall off Friday night, Melaveh Malkah on Saturday night, and of course, the CITs still plan and execute a mean color war (or you might know it as Maccabiah, ITG, or MSA). Again, while the names and faces change and grow, the heart of Alonim still beats strong.

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''As I sang the prayers I felt my heart sing and when I danced Israeli dances my feet felt light and happy.'' -Natalie Mark, camper

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