Camp Alonim - Jewish Residential Camp and Day Camp in Southern California
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Summer 2017

First Session
June 20 - July 2
Entering Grades 3-9

Mini-First Session
June 25 - July 2
Entering Grades 2-5

Second Session
July 4 - July 23
Entering Grades 3-10

Third Session
July 25 - August 13
Entering Grades 3-10

Mini-Third Session
July 25 - August 6
Entering Grades 3-6

CIT Summer
June 19 - August 13
Entering 11th Graders

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Camp Alonim is part of 

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Winter Camp
December 20-25

Family Camp
March 17-19

Winter and Summer registration open in September!

American Jewish University

''As I sang the prayers I felt my heart sing and when I danced Israeli dances my feet felt light and happy.'' -Natalie Mark, camper

American Camp Association Accredited American Camp Association Accredited